Safe System of Work (SSOW) Planning

Every engineering or maintenance delivery team needs to arrive on site armed with a Safe System of Work plan.

At PPS Rail we pride ourselves on keeping to the forefront of changes in the industry. From 23rd September we will be providing the new Safe Work Packs as part of our service. We are already offering training for Safe Work Leaders.

A full SSOW service

We can assist your short term planning needs by providing quality SSOW packs and booking short term line blockages via the GZAM system. All SSOW adhere to current Network Rail standards, are planned in accordance with hierarchy and contain vital information such as:

  • RT9909
  • Section Appendix
  • Hazard Directory
  • What lines are blocked
  • Nature of work
  • Signal diagrams
  • Critical safety information.
  • NR3180

Option 1 (Large schemes)

A full-time dedicated SSOW planner will work in your office to manage large volumes of planning and distribution work, ensuring your scheme is compliant with all relevant standards. This has the advantage that you will have an expert on hand to respond quickly and efficiently to any last minute changes or requirements.

Option 2 (Smaller schemes)

A part-time SSOW planner is a flexible alternative for projects not requiring a large volume of work. We would supply a dedicated, experienced SSOW planner for two or three days a week, with the ability to produce between 10 to 40 SSOW packs per week.

Option 3 (Ad-hoc projects)

This is a totally flexible service, managed remotely in our office, by an experienced SSOW planner. This would be suitable for projects requiring up to 10 packs per week, but with the flexibility to expand or contract to meet peaks and troughs in demand. We can assist with both large and small projects, offering a variety of service levels to maximise cost-efficiency for our clients.