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Rail Possessions successfully planned

These are the locations at which we have provided safe and effective successful Possession Planning, Line Blocks, and produced Safe Work Pack services for our clients over the past four weeks.

Week ELR LOR Site Name
10 DSN2 LN632 Thornaby
10 MLN1 GW105 Swindon
10 CGJ6 NW4001 Lancaster Station
10 CDM1 NW5009 Congleton Station
Week ELR LOR Site Name
11 RBS1 MD301 Berkswell Station
11 MLN1 GW105 Swindon
11 PBJ MD320 Darlaston
11 MLN1 GW105 Swindon
11 CGJ6 NW4001 Lancaster Station
11 PBJ MD320 Witton Station
11 ECM5 LN600 Gateshead
11 CWK NW8011 Birkenhead North Station
11 HHJ NW3013 Overpool Station
11 CRR2 NW8013 Eastham Rake Station
11 WJK NW8009 Rice Lane Station
11 CWK3 NW8011 Manor Road Station
11 HXS3 NW8001 Formby River ALT
Week ELR LOR Site Name
12 DSN2 LN632 Thornaby
12 MLN1 GW105 Swindon
12 PBJ MD320 Witton Station
12 ECM5 LN600 Gateshead
12 RBS1 MD301 Berkswell Station
12 CGJ6 NW4001 Lancaster Station
12 PBJ MD320 Proof House Jn to Bushbury
12 RBS1 MD301 Grand Jn - Birmingham New Street
12 DBP3 MD501 Tamworth
12 SDP1 SW140 Fareham
12 BAE2 SW115 Sherborne