Adjacent line opening

Where any railway line open to traffic could foreseeably be fouled by any vehicles including OTP, construction plant, HIABs, cranes etc, or the loads associated with them an ALO plan is required
PPS Rail are able to provide this service using our competent ALO planners and ALO responsible managers

The ALO Planning Service

PPS Rail ALO planner will coordinate with all relevant personnel such as Possession planners, OTM/OTP providers and the construction team to create a robust ALO working methodology.
Visiting the site of work to assess risks and hazards, the plan & methodology, the plant position, limit of working and the fouling point. The ALO planner will take all required measurements such as: the plant position and the distance from the nearest open line(s) and the planned limit of work measured from the fouling point to ensure a full risk assessment and associated control measures are identified.

PPS Rail are also able to supply an ALO responsible Manger who will approve the controls proposed and if required liaise with the ALO virtual panel for review

PPS Rail are also able to provide an ALO site coordinator to ensure that the control measures identified on the work plan have been tested, implemented and are monitored for all plant and load that is working ALO and undertake the detailed briefing to the site team.